“My son and I started taking classes at Eastside Family Karate almost 10 years ago. He is now 16 and we are very close. The EFK leadership and training together has been a major factor in building trust in our relationship, in helping us set and meet goals together, and in us having a lot of fun. With karate I’m not just a driver or a parent cheering from the sideline- I’m interacting directly with my son to train mentally and physically toward a common goal.

Karate has been one of the biggest factors in my son staying accountable, learning how to set goals, and working hard even when he wanted to give up. My teenage son is a drummer, plays baseball, wrestles, and skis, but karate is the only activity that I as a mom can regularly be an active participant setting my own goals right alongside my son. Karate is our thing, and thanks to Eastside Family Karate we just seem to grow closer as my son gets older.

Senses Jim, Sue, and Jeremy embody what it means to be a family working together. Their inspiration makes Eastside Family Karate a very special place for kids and adults to go beyond what you might think is possible.
– Patty

“Sensei Jim and Sensei Sue pour their heart and soul into teaching Karate by making it enjoyable for everyone, especially the kids. Whether it’s Sensei Says or Dodging the Noodle, the little Karate students are fully engaged with Sensei Jim, while learning important skills such as listening, concentration, discipline, and respect. Sensei Sue is a terrific role model for all students, especially girls. Our daughter is growing up as a confident young lady under her nurturing guidance and compassion. 

However, the most valuable part of Sensei Jim and Sensei Sue’s dojo experience is the sense of belonging to a community, which can be enjoyed through the belt promotion ceremonies and the pizza parties that follow. We are very fortunate to have role models like Sensei Jim and Sensei Sue in our community.”
– Dad – Ken

” I cannot speak highly enough of Eastside Family Karate. My son has been attending classes with the Mercer family since age five and I give them a great deal of the credit for the maturity and confidence my son has now at age ten. This a truly special family run a small business that I heartily recommend to all!”
– Jen Wirth

“My son began training at Eastside Family Karate when he was in the 1st grade.  He is now 16 years old and I can honestly say that karate has played a major role in shaping who he is today.  It has helped my son be more disciplined, thoughtful, respectful, strong, confident and feel more valued.  Eastside Family Karate is not your ordinary school because it is part of our family and the Teachers/Sensei are extraordinarily gifted with children of all ages.  We have been blessed to be a part of this school and will always stay connected the rest of our lives.  The best Karate school in the area bar none. ”
– Shelley

“Our son, Jack, is in the 6th grade and has been taking karate lessons from Eastside Family Karate since Kindergarten.  He loves it so much it’s the only sport he participates in.  Jack has learned focus, discipline, responsibility and respect all while having a great time and staying in shape. One of the things we’ve, as parents, noticed is that through his karate training and his Sensei’s guidance, he has confidence in all other areas of his life. Sensei’s Jim, Sue, and Jeremy teach in such a way that our son feels encouraged, genuinely cared for, uplifted and passionate about karate. It says an awful lot about this program that a child beginning at age 4 has gone twice a week, every week for 7 years. The Mercers have been amazingly positive mentors and role models in our son’s life and we couldn’t be more grateful.  On the way home from karate last night, our son told us that they are truly part of our family and we agree wholeheartedly!!”
– Pete & Lucy

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