Class Etiquette

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Dojo Etiquette


  • Arrive at your class on time.
  • Bow and greet Sensei with “konichi wa” when arriving at the dojo
  • Wear a clean uniform to class.
  • Bow before entering and when leaving the training area.
  • Carry your body with good posture.
  • Follow Sensei in count and movements.
  • Assume the seiza (formal kneeling) position prior to entering a class already in session.
  • Form straight lines and rows in class; line up with the person to your right.
  • Add to good spirit with crisp, accurate, focused technique.
  • Treat your training partner with respect and encouragement.
  • Inform Sensei before class if you need to leave class early.


  • Present poor attitude or posture.
  • Lean on walls, climb on equipment, horseplay etc.
  • Wear jewelry, watches, etc.
  • Exceed your partner’s training ability.
  • Talk when instructions are being given.
  • Critique students of higher rank than yourself.